JIF World Season 2016

JIF World Season 2016
The Jorkyball International Federation’s 2015-16 Season has officially started: a year full of events, challenges, passion for the worldwide most popular Football 2x2 - to be played in just 50 square meters.

Topic of the Season the JIF World Competitions 2016, held from 5 to 8 May with 7 scheduled tournaments: all official Jorkyball Club of the JIF affiliated countries may take part to Event – always an amateur competition, even at highest level.

The most relevant news of the Season is the 3bble World Ranking, powered by the Official JIF Partner,  the 3bble Ltd. - www.3bble.com.
Each Jorker can gain points at 4 levels:
  • Challenging with a partner another Jorkyball team
  • Playing in the tournaments organised by the clubs of the 3bble WRC circuit
  • Playing in National Tournaments
  • Playing in International Tournaments
Get more on http://wrc.3bble.com .