The Jorkyball International Federation (JIF) is the international organization caring about promotion, development and management of activities Jorkyball in the World.

Founded in 2014 after FIJA - the historic International Federation came together with the sport in the early 90s - the new platform has its headquarters in Rome, Italy. Most important democratic bodies of the Federation are the JIF Director Committee and the JIF Board, as well as the figure of the President - charge now covered by the Italian Alessio Di Maio.

Honorary JIF President is the Frenchman Gilles Paniez, "inventor" of Jorkyball which must be given credit for having translated that passion in a perfect sport for kids and adults.

JIF organize seasonal Competitions open to all Jorkyball passionate, in accordance with the characteristic to be an inclusive and amateur sport.

Enclosed is an extract of the JIF Bye-Laws.