Jif World Competitions Bonneville 2015

Jif World Competitions Bonneville 2015

A big success for the JIF World Competitions Bonneville 2015 : 30 teams and 100 athletes from all corners of the World took part to the JIF Official Events at « Au Jorkyb'Hall Bonneville » (France) Jorkyball Center.

And the French Teams confirm their leadership at Jorkyball worldwide challenges : France is the new World Champion for Nations and the teams of Nimes, Bordeaux, Eaubonne have won respectively the JIF World Cup for Clubs, the JIF SuperChampions League JIF and the Senior Cup.

The French triumph has been completed by the French National Women's Team that won the first edition of the JIF Female European Cup.

The Polish team of Sosnowiec, finally, won the Golden Cup JIF; 2nd trophy for the Champions of Poland, after the 2013 JIF World Cup for Clubs.

Next stop @ JIF World Competitions 2016, scheduled on May 5-8, 2016 - the Hosting City will be chosen by the International Federation Jorkyball on September 30, 2015.